As a real estate investor, you might be working for as little as $7 per hour...

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"But Matt, I'm closing deals for $10,000... $20,000 and more some months... What do you mean?"

Well, here is my next question for you.

Are you setting up and running your marketing?

Are you doing the bookkeeping?

Are you doing the cold calling and talking to your leads?

Are you moving leads around and tracking all the details on the status of each?

Are you setting appointments and showing up to see houses in person?

Are you chasing contracts and following up with your sellers all the time?

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If you said yes to any of the points above, then yes. You are 100% working for $7 per hour.

You MUST outsource ALL of these little tasks if you ever want to scale up in this business.

I remember doing everything in my business just a few years ago. It was a one-man operation.


Sure, it was profitable because I didn't have to pay any employees, but man was I overworked and stressed out to the max. You can only do 90-100 hour weeks for so long.

And I was hitting a ceiling. I was maxing out at 3-5 wholesale deals per month.

Not to mention if I ever wanted to take a break or vacation, the business came to a screeching halt.

This might sound familiar to a situation you're in right now.

Something had to change. So what did I do?

I started hiring virtual assistants!

The learning curve was tough, but man did it pay off in the end.

And its way cheaper than you think.

Imagine waking up and all you need to do is send a couple of emails to your virtual assistant on some tasks you need to be done that day.

Your virtual assistant (VA for short) will be sending 300 texts that day to a motivated seller list you asked the VA to pull and skip trace.

Your virtual assistant is on the phone cold calling leads.

The VA will text those sellers and handle some simple responses back and forth until they know there is a motivated seller on the other end that has to sell.

That day the VA will also be running some comps on a couple of houses you want to make an offer on later that day.

Lastly, the VA will be adding 15 new cash buyers to your list that day with the cell phones and emails included.

Your virtual assistant is tracking everything and keeping the business running smooth...

All you needed to do today was hop on your email and take a few minutes to send one.

Next thing you know the contracts and closings are flowing in.

You're no longer putting in the long days, instead just sending some emails and watching your businesses KPIs.

But how did you did you do it?

How did you get this far?

Well 60 days prior you decided “enough is enough”. No more messing around.

You got Virtually Unemployed 2.0 and armed yourself with the knowledge to close deals.

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You know real estate is the way to financial freedom, but you just don't know the way to scale it up properly without becoming a mule to your business. That's where Virtually Unemployed comes in. You learn the entire real estate process from front to back, and you won't paralyze yourself this time with a lack of not knowing what to expect when you get some deals moving.

Imagine having every single “how-to” process in the real estate investing world at your fingertips?

Imagine how you will feel once you finally are able to enjoy the REAL benefits of being a real estate investor.

You’ve done it.

Freedom. Debt Free. Money flowing into your accounts weekly. And you're taking family and friends along for the ride.

It’s yours. You’ve earned it. You put up with the crap to get to this amazing point in your life.

You're now one of the coveted group of “full-time real estate investors”

Yeah, your in that group.

It’s on. The next chapter starts now.

You and Virtually Unemployed 2.0. An unstoppable combination.

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Its time to cash in on todays

Real Estate Gold Rush!

I can't wait to help you discover the next level of real estate investing, the 2022 way!

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Virtually Unemployed 2.0 Has Some Amazing Features.

Over 70 91 Real Estate Lessons In Video Format

Online, Linear Video Course to Ensure You Follow The Steps Correctly

Chat with other course members directly in each lesson!

Track your progress as you go with automated scorekeeping!

Matt Will Introduce you to each training section and give you detailed action steps at the end of each lesson!

And If You Purchase Today, You Get These


The Entire Virtually Unemployed 2.0 Online Video Course ($1,997 Value)

Virtually Unemployed 1.0 237 Page E-Book ($499 Value)

Renovation 203 Page Manual and 3 Additional E-Books ($497 Value)

The Renovation Estimator Spreadsheet, Generate Detailed Material and Labor Estimates in Minutes ($179 Value)

48, One Hour Private Videos Where my Team Teaches All Real Estate Topics! ($3,988 Value)

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Bonus #1 - Virtually Unemployed 1.0 E-Book

The Text Version of VU2.0 for those who would rather have a book to read! $499 Value!

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Bonus #2 - My 48 Hour Company Playlist

48, One Hour Sessions of my Team Explaining EXACTLY How every part of my Multimillion Dollar Real Estate Business Operates - $3988 VALUE

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Bonus #3 - My Renovation Estimator

Get a Copy of my Awesome Renovation Estimator Spreadsheet and Calculate Very Detailed Rehab Costs in Less Than 10 Minutes - $197 VALUE

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Bonus #4 - My Renovation E-Book Bundle

Get My Best Selling Renovation Book Bundle That Has Had Thousands of Copies Distributed Across the Planet - $497 VALUE

Total Package Value: $7,158

Yours for $1997 Before Discounts

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The Most Detailed Real Estate Training System. Ever.

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With me coaching you along and my team giving you the exact step by step procedures to complete each lesson, there is no question that you will be able to complete a real estate deal or bring your existing real estate business to the next level with this course! I'm even giving you a copy of my original Virtually Unemployed E-Book ($497 value) So you can print it out and follow along with us that way if you wish!


Throughout 17 sections and over 91 lessons, the course leaves no stone unturned in the real estate process. Here are some highlight sections!

Setting Up Your Virtual Business Foundation

-Finding and Hiring Virtual Assistants Through
-Finding and Hiring Virtual Assistants Through Upwork
-Paying Your Upwork VA
-Paying Your VA Through Transferwise
-Paying Your VA Through Payoneer
-Paying Your VA Through PayPal
-Setting Up Your VA With a U.S. Phone Number
-Connecting Your VA to a U.S. Based Computer
-Having Your VA Give You Weekly Reports

Configuring Your Marketing Funnel

-Setting Up CallRail
-Setting Up a Call Center

Pulling Your Marketing Lists

-How To Pull a List of Vacant Houses
-How To Pull a List of Absentee Houses
-How to Pull a List of Absentee Apartment Buildings
-How to Organize Your Lists

Marketing for Sellers with Direct Mail

-How to Run Direct Mail
-Returned Direct Mail Cards are GOLD

Marketing for Sellers with Cold Calling

-The Cold Call Process Copy
-How to Skip Trace with DF
-How to Skip Trace With Fiverr
-Cold Calling with MOJO
-Cold Calling with Your VA

Marketing for Sellers with Texting

-Texting with Sherpa

Marketing for Sellers with RVM

-Voicemail Blasting with RVM

Marketing for Sellers Online

-Finding Deals Using Craigslist
-Finding Deals Using Facebook Marketplace
-Finding Deals and Making Offers on Zillow
-BONUS: Finding Apartment Building Sellers

Marketing With Facebook and Your Website

-How to Target Your Lists with Ads
-Lead Generation Ad Example
-Get Seller Leads From Your Website

Tracking Your Inbound Seller Leads

-Taking Inbound Calls
-Filling Out the Seller Lead Sheet
-Using Google Forms as Your Lead Sheet

Crunching The Numbers

-Running a Comparable Report
-The Offer Formula
-Figuring Out Renovation Costs

Finding Your Cash Buyers

-Finding Buyers with MLS Cash Sold Records
-Searching For Cash Buyers Contact Information
-Searching for LLC Contact Information
-Finding Buyers with Ghost Ads
-Finding Buyers with Local Meetups
-Finding Buyers with Online Searches
-Finding Buyers with Fiverr
-Finding Buyers by Purchasing Data Lists
-BONUS: Finding Apartment Buyers
-BONUS: Pulling Lists of Neighboring Investors (POWERFUL)

Locking Up The Deal

-Having the Owner Send You Photos
-Lockboxing Vacant Deals
-Renegotiating After Receiving Pictures
-Finding an Acquisition Team Member
-Finding an Attorney and Title Co.
-Putting up Earnest Money
-Inspection Periods and Clauses
-Verbal Offers
-Seller Purchase Agreements
-Sending Contracts with E-Signature
-Using a Mobile Notary

Pushing Deals To Your Buyers

-Making Deal Brochures
-Making Flyers with Canva
-Mass Emailing with Mailchimp
-Posting a Deal to Zillow
-Posting a Deal to Craigslist
-Posting a Deal to Facebook

Closing The Deal

-Transaction Coordination
-Closing with an Assignment
-Closing with a Double Close
-Property Showings with Buyers


My guarantee to you is that these lessons and strategies when implemented, will make a difference in your life, and have you hit the ground running in real estate. Action equals results. So I've designed this training to specifically get you to take action.

These are the same principles I have followed day in and day out for the last 14 years that have enabled me to contribute to my community, my family, and to the world on a much larger scale than if I was struggling to make ends meet and never got into real estate at all. It's my mission to be able to have you achieve similar levels of success as well!


Your's Today for $1,997!

ABOUT Your TeacherS

Matt Larson is a former machine shop worker turned real estate investor. Matt is proof that if he can become successful in real estate investing, then anyone can. Matt's real estate company buys and sells 20-30 houses a month and has for over a decade. Matt has been investing in real estate for over 15 years and is known to be the 'trainer of champions" as so many of his students have gone on to become very successful, and have also gone on to become real estate trainers themselves. Matt lives in Davenport, Iowa, and has purchased over 85 million dollars worth of real estate in the last 3 years.

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Amanda Milne- As an employee of Matt's for over 8 years in a variety of roles, I have gained in-depth knowledge of the entire real estate process. Join me as I teach a variety of business and real estate topics! I have over 2000 Home Sales Closed and Pushed thousands of homes through our proven acquisitions system.

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Tyler Smith- As an employee of Matt's for over 4 years in a variety of roles, I have gained in-depth knowledge of the entire real estate process as well. Join me as I teach a variety of business and real estate topics! I have over 3000 hours of Real Estate Automations System experience and have scoped, blueprinted, and budgeted over 470 deals.



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Bank Financing Guide

The Perfect Companion! Bank Financing 6 Hour Video Course + eBook

Over the last 4 years, I added over 450 houses to my portfolio. All using Bank Financing.
I have never really shared my knowledge about banks, credit, and financing. Just small bits and pieces. Well, I finally carved the time out of my schedule to build the ultimate training program on bank financing, unsecured lines of credit, credit cards, and credit scores. This video course and eBook has it all, and perfectly lines up with what you will be learning in Virtually Unemployed 2.0! Exponentially increase the speed at which your business grows!
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