Over my last 14 years and over 4000 deals in real estate, I have discovered:

The top 2 reasons why most people fail in real estate investing.

How to solve both of those things quickly.

Read below.

Is your local market (where you live) crawling with investors that are willing to overpay of houses?

Can't find any good deals?

Are sellers laughing at your offers?

You're not alone! That's happening to a lot of people actually.

I have literally banged my head against the wall trying to figure out why some of my real estate students struggle....then it hit me!

In a few minutes, you are going to find out why some people are crushing it and others just can't put a deal together. You are closer than you think. You are just a few tweaks away from striking gold!

If you answer "Yes" to any of the below statements then I can help you!

You just can't find the time to "do" real estate.

You can't find any good deals in your area.

You see people overpaying for the deals you want.

Virtual real estate investing sounds complicated.

You have spent money on real estate education before and it didn't work.

You have trouble analyzing deals.

You don't know if the deal you are working on is a good or bad deal.

You really want real estate to work because you desperately want out of your job.

You see all these "other" people crushing it on social media.

You are afraid you will miss out on this crazy real estate market.

I could go on and on, but we would be here all day.

This is not like any virtual training you have ever seen!

Stick with me for a minute and I will show you why most people never make it in real estate investing.

When I really stopped and analyzed why some people weren't making money in real estate it boiled down to 2 main things:

1. Some areas of the US got super competitive making it hard to find "good" deals.

2. People just didn't have the time in their day to give RE investing the time it needs to really work well.

So I built a training system completely around those 2 factors to unlock the doors of freedom for anyone willing to walk through the gateway.

Are you ready to work from anywhere?

Is freedom important to you?

Do you want full control of your time?

Here is what I am NOT.

I am not a smooth-talking "guru" with super polished sales and marketing skills. I do the real estate education business as a sideline gig to my main business which is real estate investing! (Over 4000 deals completed)

In short, I teach what I do. The "guru's" out there (most anyway) do not do real estate investing at all. They only educate. Which is why you have struggled. The only thing they teach is the old stuff they can just reproduce and resell. It's total BS.

Follow me on Instagram @realestatematt to always have the latest and greatest products. And if someone else is selling something with my name on it then it's old because I haven't created any education for anyone else for over 3 years.

Always educate yourself directly from me "here" to stay up on the best of the best education. It's always fresh. If something isn't working in my real estate biz then I change it and you will find out about it.

Here is what I am and what I can offer you:

I continuously do 20 plus deals a month. I have an 18,000 square foot office in Davenport, Iowa where my headquarters is located. I built a mini "Home Depot" where I keep materials I buy at up to 80% off store prices (due to my volume).

My Virtual Wholesaling Training can do the following for you.

Learn how to make more money by actually doing less (magician effect).

Get my bulletproof contracts for both buying and selling (stack the odds in your favor!)

How to make offers sight unseen-you don't need to waste time looking at the houses!

How to bring in unlimited motivated sellers (without talking to them first!

How to have hungry cash buyers fighting over your deals (without your effort!).

How to have virtual assistants do the bulk of the work for you (this will blow your mind and also set you free).

How to be on vacation and still close deal. You can sign documents from anywhere!

Get the tasks you hate to do off your plate so you can stop procrastinating!

How to find and hire the best virtual assistants to do the bulk of the work!

Learn about the "magician's playground" so you can stop being a "mule".

How to price a deal so it sells lightning fast!

How to find the title companies and attorney's that will make you money.

My whole mind map (literally a flow chart) and overview to easily understand how to go from zero to cashing big checks!

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I am going to show you how to have virtual assistants do 40 hours of work for you in 20 hours or less of their time! (this is key)

And show you how to do this regardless of where you live or where you want to invest!

The 2 factors stopping you from doing deals will be eliminated!

Time and location will no longer be an obstacle!

If you are ready to get off the sidelines and get in the game then take action and click the button below to get this training.

Your time is now. You can be one of the people everyone talks about on social media. The one everyone sees driving the cool cars and cashing the big checks. You are closer than you think!

Get this training now! And get this process started this week. Make 2020 the best year of your financial life! You can do this!

Also, I am including 2 bonuses (for free) you must have!

How to Hire A-Players (imagine that, hiring the best of the best) (Included with purchase) $97 Value

Picking a Remote Area for Virtual Wholesaling --(included with purchase) $59 Value

You can get my entire Virtual Wholesaling Training today for $197! (For a limited time)

The normal price is $397 and this will return to this price soon. Don't wait!

Get my Virtual Wholesaling Training today at a big discount and the 2 bonuses included (total value of $156) for free and save an additional $200 off the normal price!

Total savings of $356! (Must act fast as this offer will change soon!)

Buy now for $197!!!

Get your time back and start doing deals!

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Free Bonus #1

Learn The Deal Process From A-Z along with some secret lead generation hacks with Matt!

Free Bonus #2

Learn Free Methods to Market for Sellers!

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Normally $397

E-Book and Bonus Bundle

Just $197



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