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Everything is changing. Faster than you think...

And in the blink of an eye, business operations have changed too.

It Happened Overnight.

One day we were all happy to interact with others in the office, bars, and restaurants. Then the next day, it was no longer socially acceptable.

CoronaVirus, and more specifically COVID-19, changed it all.

Virtual Business (done my way) will protect your business against the next downturn and unlock a level of income that you never thought was possible.

With the conditions of the current market, now is a better time than any to go virtual!

Luckily, I had the foresight to build out my virtual business a long time ago.

For YEARS I have enjoyed the benefits of:

No office drama...

No employee is required to be paid even if they don't work...

No worries if the office gets shut down due to social distancing (They work from home)...

No paid sick days...

No skyrocketing health insurance premiums...

No termination lawsuits...

No hassles!

Building out your business as a virtual business used to be a novelty.

Now it's a requirement.

Either you build out your business as a virtual one, or you will simply be out of business.

I currently have 7 full-time virtual assistants and my team is adding more as we speak.

I started building the foundation of my virtual company 5 years ago.

At the time I started hiring virtual assistants, I had no idea that a virus could impact the USA (and the world) and shut down business as we know it.

I originally just wanted a cheap alternative to get work done.

Little did I know the true power of virtual assistants (if done right).

I've taken all of my best virtual tools and compiled them into a package that will help you crush your competition and take your income to a level you didn't think possible. At the same time, you will get the side benefit of saving a massive amount of time in your week.

I currently flip 20+ houses a month and work less than 5 hours a week at my company. It's no secret. Ask any of my employees and they will tell you "Matt is not involved in the company and our daily operations."

I stop into my office every month or two and typically run into someone that has no idea who I am. That's because I didn't hire them. I don't know them, and they don't know me. It's kind of comical.

We know why you need to build a virtual company (due to Coronavirus and the new way business will be done.)

But now I will show you how to do it. Fast. There is no time to waste.

I want to show you why my Virtual Business Package is exactly what you need to get an edge over your competition, protect your business, assets, future income, and get all your time and freedom back.

My 6 Piece Virtual Business Package Includes:

Virtually Unemployed

237 Page E-Book ($497 Value)

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This is my all-out virtual assistant training system. It's your virtual business in a book. This training will teach you and your virtual assistants exactly how to do every aspect of the real estate process, step-by-step. It's a series of systems and processes. You will hand these systems off to your VA's. This will also teach you how to find the best virtual assistants. This one training system will change your business and life!

Virtual Wholesaling

160 Page E-Book ($297 Value)

This training is based on how to have virtual assistants run your entire virtual wholesaling business. It will show you how we do deals from anywhere in the country. Want to close deals while you're on vacation? No problem. Do you want to make offers sight unseen and sell houses to people you have never met? This training is for you. This super detailed, step-by-step, series of investing systems will train you and your virtual assistants on to do deals remotely. It doesn't matter where you live or where you want to do deals. This is the future of wholesaling!

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Hiring Process Made Simple

23 Page E-Book ($29 Value)

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Don't know what to look for when hiring someone? Don't know where to place an ad? Don't know how to interview? Don't know if you are putting the right people in the right positions? No problem! This training will give you hiring templates, go into great depth of personality profiles, and how to spot the perfect virtual assistant or employee right away! Do not hire anyone until you go through this training!  Stack the odds in your favor by adding people to your team that removes complexity from your life!

The Media Money Multiplier Method

30 Minute Video Training ($37 Value)

We are in unprecedented times! Covid, Russia, Inflation, and the coming recession have opened a window of opportunity unseen since the Great Recession of 2008! But, you must know how to change your marketing and sales posture to take advantage of it. Learn how to spring your buyers and sellers into action now or take the risk of missing out on a huge upswing! This training will teach you exactly what to say to sellers to buy houses at a big discount, and what to say to buyers to move massive volumes of homes.

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One Month Trial of my Deal Lab Weekly Zooms!

$1 Access to Our Private Facebook Group ($147 Value)

This is my private Zoom Group with over 90 other high-level investors and multiple members of my staff. I'm involved daily in this group whether I'm going live with advice or answering individual questions. Stay up to date on the current market conditions, get help with sticking points in deals, and lean on my team for help!

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Get This Amazing Offer On My VBP Package!

Recap of Benefits You Will Receive:

Virtually Unemployed E-Book ($497 Value)

Virtual Wholesaling E-Book ($297 Value)

Hiring Process E-Book ($29 Value)

The MMM Method ($37 Value)

Deal Lab Weekly Zooms $1 Trial ($147 Value)

Total Value of $1,007!

Just $699

Now, I know that the package price will not work in everyone's current budget. But that is the best price I can offer for the sheer speed that you will be able to implement each of these strategies into your business, and the wealth of information you are receiving. If you are struggling in your business due to the unique circumstances that we are in right now, you can get each of these pieces individually at, but you will end up paying more once you realize that you need the rest of the systems I am offering in this package. Either way, I want for you to take action in these unprecedented times, whether that is through higher self-learning, or taking advantage of the opportunities that have been opened up to us investors.


Matt Larson



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