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Virtual Assistant Training System

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Triple Your Time.

Triple Your Profits.

How Much Time Do You Waste In One Week?

Think back through the last week. Did you focus the majority of your time on the things that you get paid the most for? Did you spend most of your time on income-producing activities? Or was most of your time spent on non-income producing activities? For Example:

Did you waste time answering phone calls?

Did you waste time running ads to lease properties?

Did you waste time setting up marketing campaigns?

Did you waste time turning on or off utilities?

Did you waste time tracking leads?

Did you waste time cold calling potential sellers?

Did you waste time texting potential sellers?

The Truth Is...

All Business Owners Go Through a Stage Of Taking On All The Responsibilities.

Sometimes whether you want to or not... so you may have searched for a solution.

And if that sounds familiar, you most likely suffer from the same doubts that I did when looking to hire your first employee.

"You can't possibly pass that task off to someone else..."

"It's too complicated."

"They just won't get it."

"I have everything in my will someone ever know what to do."

Sadly... Some Entrepreneurs Never Make It Out Of This Trap.

They Become Slaves To Their Businesses. Constantly Needing to "Feed The Machine" just to get by.

Luckily, I've escaped those doubts. But I never would have done it without one pivotal decision.

I Hired a Virtual Assistant.

I couldn't believe how affordable it was to do.

And I did it when I had no idea what she would do everyday.

But Monday came and I had to give her something.

So I listed out everything I did and highlighted the tasks I disliked the most.

The highlighted tasks became my new assistant's job description.

And funny thing is, she loved completing the tasks. They paralleled with her unique abilities. So much so, that a task I would take 8 hours to complete, she was doing in 2.


I was shocked. How is this even possible?

Fast forward 7 years later to today, I now have 5 assistants on my staff.

All of them shock me to this day with the amazing speed and efficiency they bring to the table.

And My Time is Finally Free To Focus on Only Doing What Brings Me The Biggest Paychecks.

However, I've burned through plenty of assistants too. I overworked some, screwed up paying others, and sometimes spent more time training them than it would have taken me to just do the task myself!

I learned where we went wrong, corrected it and documented everything.

I've compiled years of failed and successful strategies to hire assistants.

But that's what made me realize, I need to put a System together. A system that can save you years of "Figuring it out".

I looked back at my past self.

What if I never hired my first assistant?

What if it was still just me, putting in 90+ hour weeks to make the business work.

I was successful by myself, but I wasn't fulfilled.

I know that there are countless entrepreneurs out there in that exact position. Where I was just a few years ago.

I boiled down everything I know about hiring assistants into a 230-page training system. Really, I'm training you how to break the habit of pouring everything onto your plate and giving you the tools to start dishing it out to others. Piece by Piece.

Hell, you could give this training to your first assistant, and they can go out and hire another assistant with no oversight from you whatsoever. It's that good.

So if you're ready to learn how to get the remedial tasks off your plate and shift your focus to the things that bring YOU the most value, the Virtually Unemployed System is what you need.

What if you could spend ALL OF YOUR TIME on income-producing activities? Typically, most entrepreneurs that I meet spend less than 5 hours per week on income-producing activities, and the rest of their time is spent by solving problems and dealing with the daily minutia.

What if...

You could wake up every single day with:

More Hungry Cash Buyers Waiting To Buy Properties...

All of Your Marketing Campaigns Handled For You AUTOMATICALLY...

All of Your Ads Posted Daily Without Hassle or A Moment of Your Time...

A Marketing Report Showing You All Of Completed Tasks From The Previous Day...

All Facebook, Craigslist, Zillow and Other Marketing Posted Daily...

All Comparables Done For You In A Moments Notice...

All Marketing Lists, Scrubbed, Cleaned, and Compiled Automatically...

All Lead Intake Forms Filled Out Without Any of Your Effort...

And Much, Much More...

This is how I went from working over 80 hours a week to under 5 hours a week in my business.

If you're stressed out because there's not enough money coming in, and you're feeling overworked, fill out the form below and learn how to let virtual assistants take over all non-income producing activities so that you can focus on doing what you love, and what brings you the biggest paychecks.

THIS TRAINING IS GOING TO SET YOU FREE! Fill out the form below to get your copy today.

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