Virtually Unemployed Is The Only Bridge You Need To Get You From "Job" to Full Time Real Estate Investor

If you ask most people that get into real estate investing what their number one goal is outside of making more money it would be to leave their current job and become a full-time real estate investor.

To drive the point even further, most people would want to get to the point where their real estate business could run without them.

The biggest reason why most people fail to become successful enough to achieve the goal of going full time in real estate is always because of one thing.

So what is that one thing?


A few years ago while slaving away day in and day out in my real estate business, I was constantly battling having enough time in the day to actually get things done.

One day I discovered the solution that would fix the ONE PROBLEM holding me back from leaving my job and going full time in real estate. That problem is the same exact problem holding YOU back as well.

So what was the solution I discovered?

Virtual Assistants

The challenge I discovered when I hired my first virtual assistant was that they didn't know what to do and I had to train them.

The reason most people fail with virtual assistants is that they don't have a system to train them with... more specifically a system that is tailored to each job needed to make a real estate business work.

That is the reason why I created my "Virtually Unemployed Virtual Assistant Training System".

Before "Virtually Unemployed" was released, training virtual assistants was very difficult, and no current training like it existed anywhere in the world.

Imagine this?

With Virtually Unemployed, you can now get work done in your real estate business while you are still working at your 9-5 job.

This is how you build the momentum to finally quit your 9-5, and go full time into real estate.

You can get up in the morning and give your virtual assistant a few tasks that need to be done in your real estate business. Then when you get home in the evening, those tasks will be complete.

But how does your virtual assistant know how to complete those tasks?


You hand off those specific systems directly out of my Virtually Unemployed training.

Now Imagine this...

A person frustrated with not making enough money in their 9-5 decides to get into real estate investing...

BUT, that person gets overloaded with all of the time-consuming work required to be successful. Therefore, that person is forced to learn how to get more done, in less time, or they will not be successful.

The reason why you haven't been as successful as you imagined in real estate investing is that there just isn't enough time in the day to get everything done that needs to be done.

It's not your fault.

The small investors just getting started get squeezed out of the best deals by the big investors. The reason is that the big investors are full time, and have a full-time staff dedicated to looking for deals. This puts you at a big disadvantage...

Until Now.

Luckily, your timing is perfect.

The market is getting ready to crash.

We're seeing the same indicators in the stock market RIGHT NOW as we did back in 2008. The window of opportunity is about to open. You must put these things in place now, or you will miss this window of opportunity.

I've been in your shoes. I started with nothing, and I was frustrated with slow progress in my beginning as well.

But once I discovered the virtual assistant advantage, my profits skyrocketed because I was able to get so much more done, in a lot less time.

There isn't much time left in a day after work... sleep... eating.. family.. etc.

This is why it's so hard to build momentum.

With Virtually Unemployed, you send your assistant my step by step system, with minimal input from you.

To complete any task you simply must follow a set of specific steps. I have those steps built. You just hand those steps off to your VA and come home to a completed task.

Imagine Coming Home To:

More Hungry Cash Buyers Waiting To Buy Properties...

All of Your Marketing Campaigns Handled For You AUTOMATICALLY...

All of Your Ads Posted Daily Without Hassle or A Moment of Your Time...

A Marketing Report Showing You All Of Completed Tasks From The Previous Day...

All Facebook, Craigslist, Zillow and Other Marketing Posted Daily...

All Comparables Done For You In A Moments Notice...

All Marketing Lists, Scrubbed, Cleaned, and Compiled Automatically...

All Lead Intake Forms Filled Out Without Any of Your Effort...

And Much, Much More...

So right now, you can pick up your E-Book copy of my Virtually Unemployed Training System for a special discount. The normal price of this system is $697, but for the next 24 hours, I'm offering it at a special price of...

Your Image
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$697 $497

Look, I've shown you how to transition from your 9-5 job to full-time real estate investor.

You've seen how we've packaged up all of my processes so you can use them to train virtual assistants to create the time you need.

The way I see it, you have 3 options...

Option #1- Do absolutely nothing and stay exactly where you are right now. If you're happy with where you're at with real estate and you're happy with your 9-5 job, maybe you don't need this system. But, if you want to achieve true time and financial freedom, that leaves you with two other options...

Option #2- Do it yourself. Wake up at 4 am every morning and squeeze real estate work in before your 9-5. Do every single task that makes up a real estate transaction yourself, even the ones you absolutely hate. If you're willing to work very hard and spend a ton of hours on your real estate business, you might be able to pull it off.

Option #3- Let my systems do the heavy lifting for you. Use my systems to find your virtual assistants.

Use my systems to train your virtual assistants.

Use your virtual assistants to create 10...20...30 or 40 hours in your week that you didn't have before.

Go enjoy your weekend...

Of these 3 options, ask yourself...

What's going to be easier for you?

You see, there are two types of people in this world... Those who only dream of about achieving their financial goals without taking any action to make it happen...

And those who are ready to take action when the opportunity presents itself.

Most people will tell you that they want to retire early.

But we both know that very few actually make it happen.

Most people will keep on dreaming...

While the few who are actually serious about their financial future will take action.

Since you've read through my entire presentation this far... I think that you are one of the special ones.

If I'm right and you're still with me...

Checkout Below and get started right away.



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