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Are you having trouble finding deeply discounted deals?

If you want to stack the odds in your favor and dominate your local (or virtual) market when it comes to finding the deals nobody else can find then keep reading.

Success in real estate largely falls under one specific skill.

Getting cheap houses.

And it’s not just getting cheap houses every once in a while.

You must create a deal pipeline.

The only way to keep selling houses is to keep buying amazing deals.

Imagine not really knowing how to find the motivated sellers that you need to find to do deals?

Imagine stepping into a conversation with a seller not really knowing what to say?

That’s what I see happen so often with investors.

Arm yourself with the tactics and mental weapons you need to win the battle.

Have you found it tough to get a property under contract?

Are you getting beat out by other investors time and time again?

Are you looking for a predictable system to beat the competition and pick up some amazing properties?

In my 15 year career and over 4000 completed transactions I have never seen anything like the current market conditions. You have to do the things others aren't doing if you want the results others will never achieve.

If you want the MOST EFFECTIVE ways to find amazing deals then you have to check out the special package I have put together for you!

My 14 Piece Ultimate Deal Finding BUNDLE Includes:

The Bank Financing Playlist

2 Hours of Bank Financing Talk with Matt ($497 Value)

Matt has had thousands of bank loans. With the strategies you learn in these videos, you will have action steps to take TODAY to get your rates reduced, more loans, and fix your credit. This info is essentially priceless.

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The CallRail Guide

16 Page E-Guide ($7.99 Value)

Years ago (before I knew better) I used to use the same phone number for all my marketing. I was doing every kind of marketing possible and all of it was leading to the same phone number. Why is that bad? Because I knew half of my marketing was working, I just didn't know which half. Learn how to use CallRail segregate your marketing and save tens of thousands of dollars in marketing money!

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The RVM Guide

11 Page E-Guide ($7.99 Value)

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Ringless Voicemail is one of the most lucrative marketing strategies of the year. Imagine being able to drop a prerecorded message directly into the voicemail box of thousands of motivated sellers at the click of a button. Learn my "bounceback" system to take advantage of RVM's high converting power, and filter massive amounts of leads down to a group of highly motivated sellers with ease!

The Media Money Multiplier Method

30 Minute Video Training ($79 Value)

We are in unprecedented times! This Coronavirus COVID-19 epidemic has opened a window of opportunity unseen since the Great Recession of 2008! But, you must know how to change your marketing and sales posture to take advantage of it. Learn how to spring your buyers and sellers into action now or take the risk of missing out on a huge upswing! This training will teach you exactly what to say to sellers to buy houses at a big discount, and what to say to buyers to move massive volumes of homes.

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10 Additional Training Videos

10 Screencast Trainings ($179 Value)

Get instant access to TEN INTERNAL training videos pulled directly from my employee resource library. These videos are the step by step visual training you need to set up your inbound acquisition funnel for success!

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How to Skip Trace Leads with Fiverr

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How to Skip Trace Leads with DataFinder

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Pulling Direct Mail Lists with Exact Data

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Pulling Direct Mail Lists with Listability

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Texting Seller Leads in Bulk with Lead Sherpa

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How to Run Real Estate Comps the Right Way

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How to Run Ringless Voicemail Marketing

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How to Setup CallRail to Track your Marketing

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The Frequency and Delivery of Direct Mail

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How to renegotiate a deal and get a massive discount after your first appointment with the seller strategy.

Hidden Houses

55 Page E-Book ($9.99 Value)

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Here is what you will learn in my book "Hidden Houses"! The exact list you can get that will show you houses with no mortgage. How to find homeowners that don't live in the houses they own any longer. How to find their cell phone number so you can text them.The exact thing to say to the sellers when you find them. The exact postcard you should send them that will get them to call you. The exact scripts with the magic words to find out exactly why they want to sell. And Much, Much, More!

Get This Amazing Offer On My Ultimate Deal Finding Bundle!

Recap of Benefits You Will Receive:

Hidden Houses E-Book ($9.99 Value)

The CallRail Guide ($7.99 Value)

The RVM Guide ($7.99 Value)

The MMM Method ($79 Value)

10 Internal Training videos ($179 Value)

Bank Financing Playlist ($497 Value)

Total Value of $780!

Just $97



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