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Are you tired of guessing renovation costs?

Have you been burned on a renovation that ended costing more than than you thought it would?

Are you a new investor and intimidated to take on a rehab project?

Wouldn't it be nice if there were an inexpensive way to predict the EXACT renovation costs of a project BEFORE you start it?

If you answered yes to any of those questions then you MUST KEEP READING.

By far, in comparison, investors lose more money on renovations than any other aspect of real estate.

Why risk thousands of dollars?

Most of the time investors just feel like they "Ran over budget".

In reality, their budget was just off from the beginning.

They simply thought it would cost less than it actually did.

This is the exact reason I put over $100,000 of my own cash into building out my Podio Renovation System. My Podio Renovation System literally predicts and processes my renovations. DOWN TO THE PENNY.

The problem is I can't duplicate my Podio Renovation System and make it affordable for the average investor. The cheapest I could make it available for is $15,000. So I scrapped the whole idea (for now anyway).

But my team and I are CONSTANTLY being asked by my students to come up with a viable, affordable solution. Investors want a renovation calculation solution!

There is just nothing available, until now.

I made it my mission to pull my team together to create the ultimate Renovation Estimator that:

Gives you the Exact Costs of Labor and Materials for all Trades.

Configurable to the Exact Costs of Your Market (Not some made-up numbers).

Creates a Usable Scope of Work.

Figures the Exact Return on Investment of Each Property you Buy (BEFORE you buy).

Figures all Interior and Exterior Costs.

Gives you Plumbing, Electrical, and HVAC costs easily!

Is Fast! (Figure all costs in a Renovation in 20 Minutes or Less).

Works for Single-family Homes or Multi-plex Units.

Is Ready to Go out of the Box.

Any Many More Features like the ones Highlighted Below!

Key Features

Detailed Estimates, Separated By Trade.

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(Make Estimates in 20 Mins or Less)

Super Fast Easy to Use Click Button Interface.

Configurable Pricing! Dial-in the Estimator to Your Exact Local Pricing! However, The Estimator Comes Preconfigured with Our Pricing, Ready to Go Out of the Box!

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Printable In 2 Clicks! Give your estimates to lenders, investors, or even contractors!

(Estimates Print on 2 Front and Back Pages)

Runs On Google Sheets For a Familiar, Easy to Use Interface on ANY Device!

(A Free Google Account is Required to Use the Estimator )

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Creating this program wasn't easy!

It took several weeks of labor-intensive programming to pull the data out of Podio and create the Renovation Estimator!

This Renovation Estimator will be your secret weapon against all future rehabs.

Never get burned on a rehab again!

Look professional with all banks, lenders, investors, and even contractors.

Even if you are brand new this Renovation Estimator will make you look like a seasoned pro!


Get this tool now!

For a limited time, I am making this available at a reduced cost.

The normal price of this tool is $497.

But right now get this amazing "Unfair Advantage" for $179!!!

Put yourself on the next level.

The cost of the tool will pay for itself in your next renovation project (times 10)

Get it now!

P.S. Sometimes it's the house you don't end up buying that saves you thousands of dollars. Don't make a mistake and buy a dud. Get this tool and protect yourself!

Screen Out Bad Deals and Forecast Massive Profits

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