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Simplify and Track Your Marketing

To Dial In Your Acquisitions

Matt Larson Nationwide Real Estate Investor and Educator

Matt Larson is a former machine shop worker turned real estate investor. Matt is proof that if he can become successful in real estate investing, then anyone can. Matt's real estate company buys and sells 20-30 houses a month and has for over a decade. Matt has been investing in real estate for over 14 years and is known to be the 'trainer of champions" as so many of his students have not gone on to become successful but have also gone on to become real estate trainers themselves. Matt lives in Davenport, Iowa and has purchased over 85 million dollars worth of real estate in the last 3 years.

When friends and family see my company vehicles, billboards, postcards, and excess of other marketing efforts, I usually get the same question from people that pay attention.

"Matt, you have one company. Why do you have all of these different phone numbers? "

My answer is simple. To track what marketing is working and what's not!

I've seen tons of entrepreneurs who use marketing in their business do this wrong. They get all of this great marketing up and rolling, and in the end, they slap their office's phone number as the way to reach out and get in touch.

If you're doing this, you're essentially setting your marketing budget on FIRE and kissing it goodbye.

It is simply wrong.

I'll give you an analogy.

Let's say you want to put up 10 BIG yellow billboards all across town that all say


CALL 888-329-8890

on them. The leads start pouring in and your business is ready to handle the volume. You receptionist or call center answers and one of their lead sheet questions is a simple "How did you hear about us?"

What is the seller on the other line going to say?

"Oh, I saw your billboard!"

If your receptionist is doing a good job they might go on to ask "Okay Mr. Seller, do you remember which one?"

The seller goes silent. "Ummm. I think it was the one on Main street. Or maybe it was the one on Second Avenue. I'm not too sure."

The call ends and you captured a new lead, but you were missing KEY information!

What exact billboard brought you that lead? You have 10 billboards costing you $500 a month. To increase the effectiveness of this billboard campaign, drive down your cost per lead, and subsequently drive down your cost per closed deal, you are going to have to shut down the billboards that are not performing. You CANNOT do that without having a way to tell which specific boards are bringing in the majority of your leads.

That's where CallRail comes in.

It doesn't matter if your running Google ads, Facebook ads, direct mail, or texting campaigns, ANY online or offline marketing strategy where you can get people to call your business can be routed through CallRail.

What makes CallRail so special?

It's easy to use!

You can give each of your marketing campaigns their own number.

You can record calls for quality control.

You can easily forward inbound calls to a different number without the caller knowing.

You can have unlimited numbers. (I have over 70)

It's the missing piece in your acquisition process. You will know what marketing is working, and what's not, without any possibility of human error.

That's why I put together my 16-Page Real Estate CallRail Guide!

Its everything you need to know on how to setup CallRail, and learn about how call tracking can change your business!

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